High Resolution Leadership Concept

LS Series for Leadership Development

Leadership for Sales and Marketing Teams

Executive Briefing

  • Review of OAD Profile Results
  • Personality Assessment
  • Strengths
  • Blind spots
  • Alignment in current role
  • Leadership Style Matrix—Introduction

LS Sales Executive Course

  • Beyond skills and experience - how personality directly affects sales performance
  • Sales personalities - "Hunters" versus "Farmers" (Maintainers)
  • Sales versus marketing versus service - three distinct but interdependent roles
  • Different management and reward systems for the differing roles
  • Situational leadership and communication styles
  • Understanding the personality and needs of the buyer
  • Understanding and leveraging key personality traits to optimize performance
  • Understanding how key personality traits align with specific steps in the sales cycle
  • Identifying job stress through perception of current position
  • Sources of power - understanding the foundation of one's confidence
  • Why people act and react the way they do - introducing and managing change
  • Designing the organization for effective execution

Additionally, this course includes a high-level overview of the OAD profile constructs along with profile interpretation