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M. W. McDonald & Associates, Inc.

Since our founding in 1991, we have been an integral part of building world-class teams within the high-technology industry in the U.S., and across international boundaries. From legacy founders to disruptive innovators,  we are a trusted partner in helping organizations increase the power and efficiency of their recruitment strategy.

Building Teams, Empowering Organizations

Our Mission

To go BEYOND HIRING, to inspiring sustainable employee engagement, loyalty, and retention - every hire, every time. 


Talent Acquisition & Assessment / OUTSIDE INstitute for Leadership & Team Development / NEXTlevel Succession Strategy
Or, the best talent available?

If your recruitment strategy relies on algorithms and resumes, you aren't finding the best talent. 

With over 300 million professionals available on social media platforms, and other talent networks, competing for the talent you want requires a proactive approach to recruitment.

Our recruitment solutions are customized to align with your organization's strategy and deliver the right people, at the right time, to make the right impact.

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"I owe Mike a great deal - he has helped me make some very key moves in my career". Wayne H., VP, Worldwide Sales at a PLM Software Company


"I always take Mike's call - I've known Mike for over twenty years and the opportunities he presents are well-vetted and aligned with what he knows I'm about". Ralph A., CTO at Engineering Software Solutions Company

"I wasn't looking to make a change when Mike called me to discuss an opportunity. Mike's goal was to find the perfect match for his client, but also to make sure my next move was the right one; I couldn't be happier"! Kirk C., VP, Global Sales at a 3D Printing Company


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POTENTIAL: The New Measure of Talent

We go beyond performance and technical skills to identify and understand a candidate's ability to expand and develop their value.

Our 3D INsight Assessment tools deliver unparalleled understanding into the competencies, personality traits, and drivers of success most aligned with your organization's roles.


The Tools of Engagement

Empower your team with the tools they need to optimize their value and develop their potential.

Our talent assessment tools capture, synthesize, and visualize remarkable insight into the drivers of success unique to your organization, and delivers the data in real time on any computer or tablet.

Our full suite of development programs are designed to cultivate your organization's value proposition by investing in your high potential talent

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Leadership & Business Succession.

Start-up venture, publically traded, privately-held, or family-owned, all businesses risk their future by not planning for the next generation. In fact, 85% will fail within three years of a change in top leadership; it is the most pressing challenge in business today.

Our NEXTlevel strategy is a systematic method of board and management planning that will reduce your organization's risk and ensure its sustained success.



Understanding Your Culture is Key

Organizational Culture is shaped by its leaders and is key to employee engagement and retention.

Our approach to understanding culture provides a  way to “see”, measure,  and change the culture of individuals, groups, and organizations.


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Discover What Drives Your Talent

Understanding the impact an individual's personality traits play in driving their workplace behavior is key to optimizing their role in your organization.


What People Say

I had a great job and wasn't looking to make a change, but the opportunity Mike presented sounded very interesting. I decided to move forward with the interview process and ended up accepting the new position. Almost two years later; no regrets! Mike and his team know how to play "matchmaker"; it couldn't be a better fit for me.

Beth T. Software Solutions Sales Manager Construction Software Distributor

After 20+ years working for my last employer and content to retire with them, Mike identified me as a candidate for a tremendous career opportunity.  Mike was very friendly and knowledgeable and provided me with great insight into the opportunity throughout the selection process.  I could certainly tell through our discussions that Mike not only had my best interest in mind but also of the company for which I was being recruited and eventually hired.  I highly recommend Mike and his professional recruitment services. In addition to being honest and professional, he does an excellent job matching company needs to a professional’s desires.  

John C. Vice President of Finance International Additive Manufacturing Company

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