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M. W. McDonald & Associates has partnered with a diverse team of independent companies whose specialties provide "Best Practices" in their respective fields. Our collaborative solutions facilitate learning experiences across all facets of Organizational Development initiatives.

We are proud to be a licensed distributor of the Organization Assessment & Development [OAD] suite of personality assessment and leadership development instruments and seminars.

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The OAD Survey is a highly accurate personality assessment instrument approaching the accuracy and validity of some very complex clinical instruments that take hours to complete. It is the only adjective-based personality assessment tool that is built to the following standards:

  • U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)
  • American Psychology Association
  • British Psychological Society
  • Canadian Psychological Association
  • Association of Test Publishers
  • Burros Institute of Mental Measurements

The OAD suite of Leadership and Team development programs are designed to integrate the OAD Profiles of your managers and team members to create highly effective communication dynamics within your organization and the feedback, tools, and coaching required to help them fulfill their potential.


The OAD Master Seminar

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The OAD Master Seminar, also known as the OAD Analyst Course, provides an in-depth education into personalities and behaviors in the workplace.


The LS Series of Leadership Development

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The Leadership Development Seminars contain four categories, allowing your leadership team to select their area of interest.


Leadership Development for Executives

The Leadership Skills for Executives course combines the OAD Survey results of the executive team along with the results of their key subordinate personnel with the requisites of effective leadership.


Leadership Development for Sales and Marketing Executives

This course combines the OAD Survey results of the sales leadership team along with the results of their key sales and marketing personnel.


Leadership Development for Supervisors

This course leverages the OAD Survey results of a cross-section of the organization to assist supervisors and managers in optimizing their team’s performance.

The workshop focuses on the requisites of effective leadership and communication as it specifically relates to the natural personality traits of each member of a supervisory or management team.


Leadership Development for Teams

This course uses OAD Survey results of a cross-section of the organization to assist employees or teams to become more understanding, productive, and synergistic.

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Culture affects every aspect of an organization, ranging from employee engagement, quality, agility, and innovativeness to brand and financial performance and long-term sustainability.



Our Culture InSIGHT program will help you:

  • Identify & understand your culture and its role of Influence within your organization.
  • Assess how well a candidate is aligned with the success drivers of your culture.
  • Develop the skills to orchestrate and manage cultural change within your workgroup and organization.
  • Achieve sustainable talent engagement and retention.
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