What keeps you up at night?

Salinas Valley Growers doing what they do best - Gowing their future leaders
Salinas Valley Growers doing what they do best - Gowing their future leaders

Bruce Taylor serves as chairman and CEO of Taylor Farms, headquartered in America’s lettuce bowl, Salinas, Calif. Taylor Farms has 14 facilities in North America. In a recent interview, he talked about human capital, innovation, leadership, and entrepreneurialism. When asked “what keeps him up at night” Mr. Taylor expressed what most business owners would probably agree is a topic for insomnia:

HUMAN CAPITAL:  “Trying to figure out how to generate the human capital to keep growing. We have a very complicated business, and it has been difficult to find transferable industries where we can just re-pot someone. So, we tend to be homegrown leaders. “When you’re growing at 10%, 12% a year of a large base, you need a lot of new leaders, and that’s the challenge we’re finding right now.

SOLUTION: As an industry effort, the message really for college graduates is what used to be the produce business is now the food business. It’s a very sophisticated, high-tech business. People love the thought of growing and producing food for fellow Americans. They understand the challenges and the opportunities from a career perspective. What we try to do is spread our story so people understand that, at Taylor Farms, there are software jobs, there are engineering jobs, there are marketing jobs, there are social media jobs.”

So, what keeps you up at night? 

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